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Subscription Plan

Healthcare is more, much more, than passing a law.

Healthcare happens when you sit down with your doctor and make choices about what you desire for your future.

Healthcare happens when you review lab work together, and there is time to ask, “What does this mean for me?”

Healthcare happens when your baby has a fever at 2 in the morning, and you know you can call your doctor for good advice on what to do.

When you need stitches, and get them for free, with no wait,at your own doctor’s.

Unfortunately, in the current insurance and government-run system, there are obstacles to every one of these examples.  High deductibles, overly busy doctors and poor after-hours access are the natural products of an insurance-based system.

Let’s put you back in charge.

Just you.

And your doctor.

A New/Old-fashioned Kind of Healthcare:

To make things work for you, in real life, we are offering a low-cost monthly fee for our services, instead of billing your insurance. You already felt like part of the family; now you become a member.


* $10/month for children ages 0-25, with at least one family member on the plan.

* $50/month,adults, ages 18-49

* $75/month,ages 50-64

* $100/month,ages 65+

That’s it. With this plan, you can choose cheaper insurance and still have stellar healthcare. 

Membership has benefits:

* Unlimited access to your doctor:  Office visits, phone visits and more. 24/7. 365.

* No co-pays.That’s right.None.

* Steep discounts on labs, X-rays and other services. Often 90% off.

* Stitches,mole removals, fracture care  and other procedures. No extra cost.

Do I still need insurance?

You do.

For one thing, we recommend obeying the law of the land,even if you disagree with it.

Secondly, though, sometimes bad things happen.That’s what insurance was originally designed for.  But…we can make it cheaper.

Let’s put health insurance back in its place. For emergencies.

Call us today, or schedule a free visit to talk with Dr. Karen about signing up.